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Puliima Photos 2015

Image Credit and Use of Images

There has been, and will be some more great images shown here and on our Puliima facebook page of all of the fantastic people and inspiring moments that happened at Puliima 2015 in Melbourne.

Credit for these images goes to our event photographer Katherine Soutar - Its Beautiful Here Photography

Usage: They are not intended for use outside of the Puliima conference or the personal or organisational use of the subjects who attended our conference. All other uses we request that you seek permission from us directly - contact us with the image title.

Credit to our photographer Katherine Soutar must be displayed with each image at all times.

Image Requests: Images can be downloaded directly by right-clicking and view original then choose the download link. Other requests to be made directly by contacting us with image/s name. High quality JPEG images maybe requested, these have a very large file size.


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