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Images from PULiiMA 2017- Gala Event


When: Wednesday 21 August 2019 @ 6.30pm onwards

Venue: Darwin Convention Centre, outside front: The  Porte Cochere

Entry: Complimentary food and beverage with conference registration (but MUST indicate your attendance on the registration form)

Our Gala Event will feature professional performers and - for the fourth PULiiMA - the well-loved Australia's Got Language talent contest. Australia's Got Language is an entertaining parody of a competition inspired by talent programs such as X Factor, Australia's Got Talent, Red Faces and Australian Idol. Delegates get to compete by performing their Deadly Aboriginal Australian talents - in Aboriginal Language, Aboriginal Music, Aboriginal Dancing, Aboriginal Singing and/or Aboriginal Poetry.

Since it's inception at Puliima 2013 it has grown in popularity and talent, and has become an integral part of the Puliima Indigenous Language and Technology Forum, what better way to highlight the deadly language talents of our mob!

More on the contest coming soon...


2015: Australia's Got Langauge

 2013: Australia's Got Langauge




Our sponsors are valued contributors to the success of this event and will play an important role throughout the week conference. Their support and acknowledgement of the value of our languages is deeply appreciated, particularly during this International Year of Indigenous Languages

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We would like to acknowledge the following organisations and their support for PULiiMA 2019


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