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leaf-iconCall for Presenters

We are excited to open our call for presentations at PULiiMA 2019.

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We anticipate this event to bigger than ever and we are seeking proposals from all sectors of the language community.

Innovation will be a strong focus for Puliima as will the role language plays in managing country, the environment and how language underpins all aspects of our culture and identity.

Your primary audience is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from across Australia and the islands who are involved in language work in a variety of capacities. Many delegates work at the grass roots community level whilst others represent local, state and national bodies.

Your submission deadline: Friday 8th February 2019

Submissions to present at Puliima are now closed

Please use our contact form for further enquiries



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What sort of presentations are we looking for?

2019 is the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages. We are looking for presentations that create enthusiasm and pride, PULIIMA 2015 LR 306empower the audience, raise awareness as well as those that provide a practical transfer of skills. 

It is in our delegates best interest to not only hear about what other language communities are doing but to walk away with ideas and practical solutions for their work. Sessions that involve audience interaction are particularly welcome.

The conference agenda will be organised broadly around the following topic streams:

  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Community
  • Language and the environment
  • Learning and sharing

An excellent reference for determining whether your proposal would be suitable for presenting would be to look at the previous presentations and activities on our Puliima wrap up pages




leaf iconImportant Points for Presenters


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  • We will have available breakout rooms equipped with computer and audio visual equipment
  • Where a presentation is being delivered by a non-Indigenous person we encourage that you consider partnering with an Indigenous person
  • Presentations may be either video or audio recorded for posterity and also for sharing in some form after the event.
  • We may use social media forms or our own Puliima website for viewing. If you have concerns with this please let us know before hand
  • Panel discussions and themes will be encouraged
  • Length of sessions will be either 40 or 45min
  • We welcome participation from International presenters
  • We encourage previous presenters to participate again.
  • We do require that all presenters register. As a presenter, you will be able to access a reduced rate ($TBA) which includes attendence for all conference sessions, evening events and catering over these two days.




Our sponsors are valued contributors to the success of this event and will play an important role throughout the week conference. Their support and acknowledgement of the value of our languages is deeply appreciated, particularly during this International Year of Indigenous Languages

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We would like to acknowledge the following organisations and their support for PULiiMA 2019


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