Celebrating the Ngarrindjeri language of SA: reflecting on our successes and many lessons learnt over the last 10 years of MIPAAC 

Presenters: Angela Giles, Judy Cole, Cedric Varcoe, Rosemary Kartinyeri, Valetta Thornton, Ashleigh Thornton, Abby Bricknell, Kristal Matthews, Jimmy Hurford & Mary-Anne Gale

MIPAAC is an Aboriginal Corporation founded in 2012 with the goal of strengthening the Ngarrindjeri language and culture of SA. Board members, made up of Ngarrindjeri peoples, Mob and Allies, will participate in a presentation showcasing our achievements - such as offering regular language classes and producing language resources together. Additionally, we will share the many lessons we have learned on our journey with the hope it will provide support and encouragement to other language groups working to revive your language and culture.