The emerging movement of language digital activism

Presenters: Eddie Avila, Subhashish Panigrahi, Isela Xospa, Shana Elena Inofuentes, Ebony Joachim

There is an emerging movement across the globe, in which speakers of Indigenous languages are taking to the internet to communicate, express themselves, and develop much needed digital resources in their native languages. These “digital activists” are using widely available digital tools to tweet, blog, translate, localize software, and create other digital media content so that current and future generations will find better conditions for free expression and to access information in their native languages. There’s been an increase in demand by communities who wish to incorporate technology into their work, in part, because of the hundreds of inspiring examples being shared online. Rising Voices’ model of peer learning has shown that there are no ‘experts’ in the field of digital activism, which has a defining characteristic a desire to share knowledge and experiences with others. In this presentation/panel we’ll share a brief history of the evolution of the concept of digital activism and hear firsthand the perspectives of a number of digital activists from Asia, Africa, North America, and Latin America.