Yirriyengburnama-langwa ayakwa-langwa: Methods and ways of describing word meanings in Anindilyakwa

Presenters: Jennie Bara Bara, James Bednall, Judy Lalara, Donna Mamarika, Sarah Mamarika, Carol Wurramara, Elvis Wurramara and Lucille Wurramara

This presentation discusses a lexicography project for Anindilyakwa (Amamalya Ayakwa), the language of the Warnumamalya people of the Groote Eylandt archipelago. The project develops and applies community-led methodologies in order to capture and make accessible meaningful and culturally-insightful Anindilyakwa definitions and descriptions. The overarching guiding question behind the project is: what are useful ways of describing meaning in Anindilyakwa for and by Warnumamalya? In this presentation we outline the workflow and methodology of the project, in addition to showing and discussing examples of Anindilyakwa definitions and descriptions.