Wiyi Yani u. Baali Ganbawarra (The Tracks of the Women We Follow). Bunuba wiyi (women) and the caring for Country through the teaching of thangani (language) Bunuba to the next generations

Presenters: Ngalu (Patsy Bedford), Selina Middleton, Penny Purdie

The knowledge of Bunuba Country is carried in language and Bunuba wiyi (women) are privileged to act as custodians of this knowledge. Their knowledge has travelled to them, from the beginning of time. This custodianship is shared across the generations, and it is the obligation of Bunuba wiyi to pass this knowledge on. Their language, knowledge and culture balance the whole fabric of Bunuba dawangarri (people) and Bunuba muwayi (Country). Wiyi yani (all the women) protect, care, and nurture Country through the teaching of the next generations.