Guula Gimbayga

Presenters: Anjilkurri Rhonda Radley and Gili Arlene Mehan

The participants will view Guula Gimbayga project (short video), a community educational program co-designed with Koala Aboriginal custodians and stakeholders for the early childhood sector. Guula Gimbayga program instils the importance of caring for the Koala and Country and develops an awareness of Aboriginal cultural values and practices. The workshop participants will gain an understanding of the importance of listening and the reciprocal nature that exists between Country and all living things. Workshop activities (listening to sounds of Country, song and movement) will give the participants an interactive experience with Gathang Birrbay language and Birrbay cultural pracices. The workshop will include a segment for participants to share and asks questions. The Guula Gimbayga program is offered to participants as a model to inspire, generate ideas or build on to develop a program for their communities.