Enena emeba yirrimebinama yarnumamalya ayangkidarrba-langwa 

Presenters: Jennie BaraBara, Judy Lalara, Carol Wurramara, Elvis Wurramara, Lucille Wurramara, Sarah Mamarika, Donna Mamarika

In this presentation, we will talk about our Yarnumamalya Ayangkidarrba-langwa project which is a collaboration between the Groote Eylandt Language Centre and singer-songwriter Dr. Shellie Morris to create an album entirely in Anindilyakwa. It is a community led and directed initiative, raising and celebrating the voices of Warnumamalya (Indigenous people) from Groote Eylandt. Each song reflects aspects of culture and Eylandt life important to Warnumamalya. The songs serve as an inspiration to maintain the language for future generations and ensure that Warnumamalya can proudly celebrate and promote their language and culture within their community and with the broader Australian population.