The Keeping Place

Presenters: Bradley Brown, Michelle Warren 

Balancing the desire to preserve Country, Language & Culture while benefiting from the opportunities that come with negotiating access to Country can be a daunting challenge for many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Organisations and Native Title Representative Bodies. Mining tenure, heritage approvals, ground disturbance authorisation, flora & fauna assessments, traditional burning protocols, and Native Title agreement obligations; must be balanced with respect to traditional knowledge, language, culture, and place. Add to this the concepts of Indigenous Data Sovereignty, Indigenous Culture Intellectual Property rights and Traditional Knowledge Providence; and the dream of sustainable economic development can seem far away. The use of emerging technologies and enterprise grade software solutions by Indigenous organisation can level the playing field with those that seek to benefit from our Country. Demystifying the process and ensuring that our people come to the table ready to maximise economic opportunities that come from negotiations. Adopting an appropriate technical solution can allow Indigenous organisations and people to reconceptualise language, incorporating traditional knowledge into everyday activities, and facilitate the repatriation of knowledge (data) in a secure, culturally respectful way. Allowing our people and future generations to fully benefit from the opportunities that come with Culturally informed country management of native title, land, marine and water rights. Bradley Brown, CEO of The Keeping Place, and Michelle Warren, Director of The Dieri Aboriginal Corporation, along with discuss and explore how technology and language can be used to effectively manage Country in a Culturally informed way.