Raising our Babies as First Language
Indigenous Speakers Again

Presenters: Vanessa Farrelly, Leeanne Swan, Shania Armstrong, Samantha Armstrong, Doreen Abbott, Kathleen Bradshaw,
Auriel Swan, Elsa Swan, Sashanna Armstrong

The Pertame School language revival program will run a practical training, sharing our experiences and methods for developing one of the first complete immersion Language Nest playgroups in Australia. Language Nests have been recognized internationally as the most successful means to revitalise endangered Indigenous languages. Language Nests leave English at the front door, and provide a nurturing place for our 0–5-year-olds to grow up as fluent speakers by naturally acquiring their Indigenous language through daily interactions with Elders and Nest Educators. Language Nests gained international recognition through the Te Kōhanga Reo Māori language nest movement in New Zealand, inspiring early childhood immersion programs for Indigenous languages in Hawaii, North America, Canada, and Alaska.