Galbaan barray, gathang, gimbay ngukaliliyn
Women in kinship with country, language, and kin

Presenters: Gulwanyang Moran, Rhonda Radley 'Anjilkurri', Gili Arlene Mehan

We are three Birrbay and Dhanggati women that are working matjarra, hands on, with our language in revitalisation. Knowledge transference is living and breathing Gathang through our generations in our family group and we all have a role to play toward ensuring maabularrbabu the next seven generations coming through have access to language knowledge and practice.

Kinship is a two-way reciprocal relationship that is based on responsibility, and we enter into these kinship relationships that are premised on our bloodlines, deeply embedded into our country and maintained through practice. Maintaining our kinship responsibilities as grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters to country, language and community, we each bring unique skill sets and ways of thinking and doing that contributes to the ecological environment of our language in revitalisation. As we awaken ourselves and move through our own language and healing journeys, we seek to bring others along and share our aspirations for our language and our learnings along the way.

Drawing on the strength of our ancestral matriarchal lines, our ability to connect, hold and navigate space we all bring a different combination of skillsets to the language revitalisation space, all worthy, all needed to help drive our language forward now and well into the future.