Aboriginal Interpreting WA: Operating with Cultural Protocols and Respect

Presenters: David Newry, Deanne Lightfoot, Annette Kogol

 Aboriginal Interpreting WA was established as a self determined not for profit Aboriginal Organisation in Miriwoong country WA in the year 2000. The service now covers the state of WA. AIWA is committed to improving understanding between WA Aboriginal language speakers, service providers, government and others, working in 40 WA Aboriginal languages. Cultural protocol and respect is central to all operations and service delivery. AIWA is committed to Aboriginal ownership, control, empowerment and self-determination. Through the provision of interpreting, translating and other services, AIWA works to ensure Aboriginal people are not put at risk or disadvantaged due to language barriers. AIWA is the only specialist provider of Aboriginal language interpreting in WA. The presentation will share the strength and importance of cultural protocols as the key element throughout all of AIWA activities. We will present information on how interpreters are recruited, trained and supported throughout their work. `Demonstrating the value of embedding cultural protocols first and foremost to ensure respectful communications and practices across the organisation.