Gadhungal Marring's Approach

Presenters: Jacob Morris, Drew Longbottom

Jacob Morris alongside Drew Longbottom are the language teachers and Consultants for Gadhungal Marring a company from the Shoalhaven who specialise in Cultural Education
and cultural revitalisation in the South Coast of N.S.W. Jacob Morris, Drew Longbottom alongside their Brother Joel Deaves have created and facilitate Gammēya-Ḏarrawal revitalisation and teaching programs. Jacob Morris specialises in creating songs and dances performed and taught by Gadhungal Marring with consultation with his Djādjālali (Brothers)  Jacob is also the head singer for Gadhungal marring’s dancers helping in the overseeing of krabri (Corroboree) and or performances. Drew Longbottom uses his knowledge in Gammē-Ḏarrawal to assist song and dance but especially using song to teach language to infants, his programs and resources used at multiple daycares and preschool. Drew is also a singer for Gadhungal Marring performance group as well.