Systemic thinking differences between oral and written traditional societies – why people from oral traditional societies struggle so much in todays Australia

Presenter: Nola Turner-Jensen

For those Aboriginal people who suffer (as all Aboriginal people do) stress and anxiety or feel stupid or like an outcast on a daily basis in the Colonial world and not know why.  This journey will show you why.  It will show you why it is not your fault when you feel like an imitation of who you really are at times in this current society.  It will help you breathe and gain back confidence and empowerment to stand up tall again as your authentic self.  This journey has been a hard, tough tale with much frustration and misunderstanding on my behalf at what I perceived as a lack of humanity in the strategies used in Colonisation.  But it is also a story of Aboriginal determination and will of my Ancestors to get to the truth of the why and what we need to feel better.  

It gives me back hope………………