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Our range of exhibitors complimented the Puliima Forum well; from language programs and publications to technology products that can enhance or support language programs. Highlights included the National Congress who were signing up new members and the Honey Ant Readers who had some beautiful products on display. Its encouraging for us all to see what others are doing with their language.

Puliima 2013 Exhibitors

Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages

Image Credit Katherine Soutar

VACL's Vision

The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages (VACL) will retrieve, revive and strengthen Indigenous Languages for Victorian Aboriginal people.

The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages was established in 1994 to address the issues of language loss and is the state body responsible for coordinating Community Language Programs throughout Victoria. These programs are run in local communities that report regularly back to VACL. The Corporation is focused on retrieving, recording and researching Aboriginal languages and providing a central resource on Victorian Aboriginal Languages with programs now looking at educational tools to teach the Indigenous community about language.

Visit VACL's Website

Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre

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Image Credit Katherine Soutar

About Miromaa

Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association (ACRA) was established in 2002, committed to cultural and language awareness in Awabakal country; since 2008 we have operated under the trading name Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre (MALTC) which specialises in the four following areas;

  • Reclamation of the Awabakal language; conducting education in preschools, primary schools and high schools and bringing awareness to the importance that Awabakal language has on cultural identity. Creating Awabakal language resources including games, booklets, posters, activities and much more.
  • Providing education and non accredited training nationally for the preservation of Indigenous language either in our language and technology training centre or into other Indigenous communities. This education program prepares people for employment opportunities and assists with relief of poverty and improving quality of life.
  • Puliima is our biennial National Indigenous Language and Technology forum that engages other Indigenous communities from Australia and overseas.

Miromaa language and education software which is being utilised to preserve more than 100 languages and 24 hour training that is available to all people who have previously been engaged with our organisation. We continue to support Aboriginal people with obtaining the Miromaa software free of charge.

Visit the Miromaa Website

State Library of Queensland

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Image Credit Katherine Soutar

About SLQ

State Library of Queensland plays a lead role in serving all Queenslanders, through state-wide library services and partnerships with over 340 public libraries, including 22 Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs). Founded in 1896, we have become a bold and adventurous 21st century library driven by a commitment to access for all.

The exhibit they had really focused on the next generation of language speakers and provided delegates with a showcase of the work developed throught the IKC's. The use of language and culture as the basis for eBooks, short films and animations, all created using hand held technologies was also demonstrated while giving everyone a chance to learn and experience it first hand.

Visit SLQ's Website

Printing Asia

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Image Credit Katherine Soutar

About Printing Asia

Printingasia - Australia are the only Australasian company able to offer Printing in Sound, at prices comparable to small run digital printing and longer productions requiring offset printing.

This specialized technique provides authors and publishers with the ability to produce their books in sound via a transparent code which is embedded in the CMYK printing process.

Visit the Printint Asia Website


Image Credit Katherine Soutar

About the italklibrary

They say a picture speaks a thousand words - our pictures speak a thousand languages
Christopher Brocklebank, Founding Director

Based in the Northern Territory, italklibrary is a growing collection of stories that overcome literacy barriers, making information accessible to all.

We help our clients communicate information to diverse communities by producing visual and spoken stories that are entertaining, engaging, and identifiable to our audiences.

italklibrary was founded 20 years ago by director Christopher Brocklebank when he identified the urgent need for resources and educational tools that speak in visual and oral languages, rather than written or spoken in English. This urgent need still exists today.

Visit the italklibrary Website

Honey Ant Readers

Image Credit Katherine Soutar

About Honey Ant Readers

The Honey Ant Readers is an exciting and innovative new literacy program developed in collaboration with Aboriginal elders and community that Indigenous learners of all ages can relate to, succeed with, and feel proud of.

This research-based program includes: a set of 20 beautifully illustrated and scaffolded reading books, with matching coloured flash cards and activity books; a colourful, interactive book to teach spoken Standard Australian English with matching cards; a set of conversation cards; pre-reading material and other teacher resources that use unique teaching theories which focus on Indigenous learners and their languages, interests and life experience. These resources help learners to build vocabulary, decoding skills and confidence towards reading success.

The supporting program incorporates activities, games, songs and rhymes to assist speakers of traditional Aboriginal languages, as well as Aboriginal English speakers, to acquire Standard Australian English, with a focus on teaching phonics and grammar.

Visit the Honey Ant Website

Kimberley Interpretation Services

Image Credit Katherine Soutar

About KIS

Welcome to Kimberley Interpreting Service — the only Indigenous language interpreting service in Western Australia.

To establish good oral communications with Indigenous people in the Kimberley — you need an interpreter.

Kimberley Interpreting Service (KIS) provides interpreters accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) in more than 18 Kimberley and central desert Indigenous languages to clients anywhere in Australia.

We have interpreters available for any assignment, from short-term, one-off jobs to long-term contracts at discounted rates. We can arrange interpreting over the telephone in some cases.

Employing an interpreter ensures your message is delivered accurately in a culturally appropriate manner, leaving no room for misunderstanding because of a language barrier.

Visit the KIS Website

National Congress of Australia's First People

Image Credit Katherine Soutar

About the Congress

The Congress was incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee in April 2010. As a company the Congress is owned and controlled by its membership and independent of Government.

Congress advocates for the recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples rights
works towards securing an economic, social, cultural and environmental future for our peoples,
builds new relationships with government, industry and among communities, has fair and diverse membership, guarantee gender balance for delegates and office holders, ensures participation from youth, urban, regional and remote communities, encourages new leadership
will grow and change based on decisions made by our members, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Visit the Congress Website

First Languages Australia

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Image Credit Katherine Soutar 

About FLA

First Languages Australia aims to ensure that the wishes of Indigenous community members are voiced in key decision-making processes that impact on the current and future management of their languages. This in turn shapes the survival of Australia's traditional languages into the future.

The organisation facilitates discussions between communities and the government and key non-government partners whose work affects, or could affect, Australia's Indigenous languages.

By supporting communication within the language network, First Languages Australia will be working to help colleagues share their experience, resources and expertise and to encouraging sustainable partnerships that support the broad spectrum of language endeavours.

Visit the FLA Website

Muso's Corner

Image Credit Katherine Soutar 

About Muso's Corner

While they are the leaders in music equipment, it was a great opportunity to have Muso's Corner showcasing the wide range of Zoom audio and video recording products they also have available.

It was appreciated by many to learn what kind of equipment is available too assist us in our language conservation projects and reclamation efforts. 

Visit the Muso's Corner Website