"Strengthening Your Language on the Internet Through Digital Activism"

International Virtual Workshop

Are you a native or heritage speaker or user of an Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Indigenous, minority, or low-resourced language from Oceania? Do you have an idea for a project or campaign that uses the internet or digital media to promote your language in digital spaces? Are you interested in developing a plan to further advance that idea to make an impact for your language community? If you answered “yes” to all these three questions, then we would like to invite you to take part in a workshop “Strengthening your language on the internet through digital activism”.


Eddie Avila (Bolivia) - Eddie Avila is the Director of Rising Voices, the digital inclusion arm of Global Voices. This global initiative provides training, mentoring, and network-building with underrepresented communities seeking to utilize the internet and digital media to fully participate online and express themselves by telling their own stories. This includes a special focus on engaging with indigenous and minoritized language communities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, leveraging digital technologies to promote their language and culture online.


Since 2013, Ebony Joachim has been learning and supporting the development of her language in different ways over the years. Learning, teaching, resource development and sharing in this space has been a passion of hers. Ebony extended this passion to supporting other language workers around the country where she can. In her current work, she is working with high school youth in her community, supporting them with their learning and incorporating a cultural focus to help them achieve their learning outcomes.