Develop highly engaging interactive posters, signage, video and more with augmented reality for immersive Ancestral Language experiences in the classroom.



Participants will require a Laptop (PC), and your phone

Augmented reality technology has created huge opportunities for immersive Ancestral Language experiences in the classroom, with potential to develop highly engaging interactive posters, signage and books including audio, video and animation accessible via scannable links and integrated buttons.

Joshua McHugh and the Pama Language Centre Team will teach participants how to use ZappAR to create Augmented Reality Resources that support intergenerational transmission and turn your school or home into a language immersion experience with signs that speak.
Before the workshop, download the free zappar app and try this one. 

Joshua McHugh is a composer, music educator, videographer, animator and multimedia editor at Pama Language Centre. He work with First Nations communities around Cape York Peninsula creating songs and video productions to help teaching and learning of ancestral languages.   Joshua also leads our Augmented Reality projects, allowing Pama language Centre to bring languages back to life in the home and classroom of Cape York people.