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Are you presenting at PULiiMA 2019 on Wednesday 21 August or Thursday 22 August?

Then this guide is for you.


Here is a snapshot of information to guide you leading up to your presentation at Puliima 2019

These new additional guides will support us to help Puliima flow as best as possible. We now have well over 500 delegates registered, this is unprecedented and also for us in managing this amount of people attending Puliima. To help this we have organised the following to help us and more importantly to help you.

With 500+ delegates, near 120 presenters over the 5 concurrent breakouts and plenaries to manage and a tight schedule, we provide you with this update to help everything flow as best as possible:

  1. We have a speakers preparation area located at our organiser's office at the registration counter. This will be a dedicated AV technician who will load your presentation remotely on to the presenter's computer situated in your allocated presentation room.
  2. You are to make contact with this person way ahead of your presentation. Note that priority will first be given to those that are speaking on Wednesday AM.
  3. If you are a Wednesday AM speaker please come to the speaker's prep area straight after registering. All other presenters are to ensure you have prepared ahead of time.
  4. If you are presenting from your own laptop the preferred method will be via HDMI. Please ensure you have your computer to HDMI connection with you. Ensure your laptop has plenty of charge. If you have audio this needs to be tested. The tech gremlins will arise, be prepared to adapt, have a plan B.
  5. Powerpoint's etc are recommended to be loaded prior
  6. If you wish to dropbox your presentation to us please do so well ahead of time. Still see our team to ensure all is well and bring backups of your presentation. Dropbox link is below
  7. We will have dedicated DCC AV person supporting us as well as a dedicated Puliima team member to support you
  8. It is preferred that you use our provided computer. It is always a problem when using other computers, to minimum stress for you and us as a presenter do not leave this to the last minute
  9. Bring your presentation on a USB stick
  10. It is preferred to use the DCC computers for your presentation.
  11. BE PREPARED - this will ensure your presentation runs on time and does not impact upon delegates running late and missing other presentations
  12. After your presentation there will be a presenters meeting area situated outside of your presentation room. When your time has concluded you are to tell your audience that you will be available outside at the presenters "meet" table for further discussion. This will allow the next presenter to move into position for their time. The "Meet the Presenter Table" for each location is situated in these places:
    1. Auditorium - upstairs outside on level 1
    2. Hall 1 - outside entry door in concourse on ground
    3. Meeting Room 1/2 - outside MR door on ground
    4. Meeting Room 3/4 - outside MR door on ground
    5. Waterfront 3 - outside WF3 door on Level 2
  13. We have Volunteer timekeepers to support you. They have their instructions to support you and to ensure that you have your allocated presentation time, if schedule is running late your time will not be cut but will flow into break times and time will be made up there. Help them by being aware of their prompts.
  14. You will start your presentation, take the lead, yes people will still flow in as numbers are big and we do have the extra distance from level 2 to ground for those moving from those locations.
  15. Please do not go over your time, you can move outside for further questions.
  16. If you are presenting in a breakout time slot of 30 minutes, this is stil plenty of time, keep your introduction short and to the point, get on to your topic as soon as possible and you will find that you have plenty of time. It is your choice if you have Q&A within your 30 minutes or outside at the "meet" table. Remember there is an about you/presentation in the conference book.
  17. If you wish to acknowledge country an example is in your conference book.
  18. Any questions come and see our team - blue Puliima polo shirts.

We hope the above is not too much but is all in place to ensure everything goes smoothly for you and our delegates

Thank you for your support for Puliima 2019


Please come to the main PULiiMA desk (opposite main ground floor entrance)

We have a dedicated technication who will load any of your digital presentation data (Powerpoints, PDFs) to ensure all will run smoothly for you and the conference as a whole. 

FYI: The venue’s preferred laptop connection leads is HDMI; and preferred flash drives are USBs.


If you have a powerpoint, PDF or video files all ready for your presentation, it would be greatly apprecaited if you could send it in advance.
Presenters can either:

We also ask to please title your powerpoint file with the official title of your presentation (or at least the first part of it) and the last name of the contact person of your original application to present at PULiiMA 2019.


Unfortunately, due to the large number of presentations we are unable to provide someone to introduce you for your presentation.


Within your allocated timeslot you have to option to open the floor to Q&A - please tell you timer representative (when they approach you prior to your presentation) whether you would like a Q&A session and if so, for how long.

The next break after your session you have the option of sitting at the 'Presenters Desk'as the entry of the Darwin Convention Centre to answer questions, conduct signings, demonstrate aspects of your presentations, etc.  


If you require copies of handouts, please organise your own printing/photocopying in advance.
Unfortunately the PULiiMA team are not able to coordinate this on behalf of presenters/trainers.




Our sponsors are valued contributors to the success of this event and will play an important role throughout the week conference. Their support and acknowledgement of the value of our languages is deeply appreciated, particularly during this International Year of Indigenous Languages.


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We would like to acknowledge the following organisations and their support for PULiiMA 2019


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